Osmosis is one of the most scientifically advanced skincare lines available. This is not just because of our remarkable technology but also the fact that our exclusive, patented approach works in partnership with the skin.

One of the most critical aspects of the process of skin rejuvenation is picking the right target. Our ability to address the source of skin conditions is what sets us apart. This is where “holistic therapies rooted in science” was born. Osmosis treats the body as a whole because we understand the connection between the skin and other organs as well as immune system health. Our bodies operate as one unit and it is not efficient or effective to damage or interfere with one aspect of cellular health in order to make gains elsewhere.

Technological Advancements

Pharmaceutical Grade Liposomal Delivery (patent-pending)
Most skincare is less effective because it never makes it to the deep epidermis/dermis. Osmosis uses the same technology as pharmaceutical companies, highly purified, non-gmo phosphatidylcholine liposomes formed in high compression devices to achieve a research proven 600% increase in ingredient delivery.

Zinc Finger Technology U.S. Patent No 8,642,655 B2
All of our cells have zinc fingers working to repair damaged DNA. Osmosis’ Zinc Finger Technology provides the precursors of zinc fingers in a way that kick-starts the body’s repair systems. It is the first visibly evident DNA repair strategy because of the wound repair that ensues after application.

AC-11® DNA Repair Technology U.S. Patent No’s 6,039,949; 6,238,675 B1; 6,36 1,805 B2; 6,964,784 B2
AC-11 has been shown in human, animal and in-vitro studies to increase DNA repair by up to 40%. This specialized extract of Cat’s Claw contains a class of patented compounds called Carboxy Alky Esters. In over 30 clinical scientific research and peer reviewed articles, these actives have shown anti-inflammatory properties, immune system enhancement along with the multiple therapeutic value of DNA repair. Moreover, Optigenex Inc. the manufacturers and patent holders of AC-11®, utilize a specialized extraction methodology known as molecular sieving to remove all the heavy weighted molecules above 10,000 Daltons including but not limited to; alkaloids and tannins. By removing what is commonly referred to among researchers as the ‘noise’, the result is a bio-available extract that is readily absorbed through the large intestine for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Collagen Activation Technology (patent-pending)
Collagen made through damaging the skin is always utilized to repair the newfound damage and never used to benefit the dermis. Osmosis developed a unique strategy that combines liposome delivered retinaldehyde, which unlike Retin A, stimulates 1000 times more collagen than retinol without inflaming the skin. We combine this with research proven (non-traumatic) collagen stimulators such as liposomal asiaticoside, chlorella, 1,3 beta glucan, hydroxyproline, niacinamide, and r-lipoic acid.

Skin Nutrition System (patent-pending)
Our skin suffers a decline in circulation each year of our adult life. This reduces the overall food supply of the skin and clearly limits the healing potential and performance of the many skin systems. This is the reason epidermal turnover slows as we age. Liposomal niacinamide gently and effectively dilates dermal blood vessels while stem cell derived growth factors and 1,3 beta glucan-recruited macrophages increase angiogenesis (new blood vessel development) increasing nutrition to the skin.

Stem Cell Growth Factor Technology (patent-pending)
The latest advancement in stem cell derived growth factors is here Osmosis has exclusive formulas that contain growth factors with exosomes. Exosomes are stem cell-derived coats of armor that protect the life of the GF’s. More importantly however, they also act like a liposome in that they have peptide activators on the outside of the cell to maximize receptor activation. This product was proven to be more efficacious than the leading growth factor serums in a head-to-head comparison.

Protein Oxidation Repair Technology U.S. Patent No 20,130,303,789 A1
Trioxolane is a newly discovered molecule in the skincare industry that dramatically enhances tissue repair by giving the skin the tools it needs to repair protein oxidation. Osmosis understands the importance of preventing protein oxidation with antioxidants. Trioxolane works differently and is a critical tool for the cell’s repair mechanisms that are capable of permanently correcting the damage in the right environment. This technology can create permanent corrections of the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) leading to shrinking pores, diminished actinic keratosis and complete clearance of age spots in many cases.

Skin Conditions

Barrier Repair Technology U.S. Patent No 20,130,303,789 A1
Osmosis believes the epidermal barrier can be compromised because of the strain on nutrients and immune function as well as increased UV damage. Forced exfoliation is a wound requiring repair and it becomes a distraction for the skin’s immune repair and remodeling operations. Fixing the barrier starts at the DEJ and moves upward so Synthe-6 peptides, trioxolane, zinc finger technology and phosphatidylcholine work synergistically on the DEJ as well as the epidermal layers it houses.

Scar Remodeling Technology U.S. Patent No 8,642,655 B2
Scars are the result of wound repair interruption. The key to re-activating the process is providing the right tools. Zinc Finger Technology, angiogenesis from GF’s, and our immune strengthening approach have been very effective at jumpstarting the repair process and creating remarkable improvements in new and old scars.

Capillary Repair Technology U.S. Patent No 8,642,655 B2
“Broken”” capillaries is a misnomer. These blood vessels are placed close to the surface because the skin is attempting to increase wound repair to an area of non-healing trauma. Zinc Finger Technology allows the skin to accelerate wound healing which results in the disappearance of these capillaries in most cases.

Skin Tag Removal Technology U.S. Patent No 8,642,655 B2
Skin tags appear to be a viral infection of the DEJ and many moles may have a fungal component. As the skin ages, it loses its ability to fight off these pathogens and these skin lesions develop most likely as a result of DNA compromise. Zinc Finger Technology makes these lesions fall off in many cases by giving the skin the tools to fix the source of the issue.

Pore Repair Technology U.S. Patent No 20,130,303,789 A1
Pores are a part of aging skin, particularly in sebaceous skin types. They result from loss of dermal volume and epidermal compaction pulling down on the pilosebaceous unit creating a tent-pole effect. Permanent improvements can be seen by restoring epidermal integrity and thickening the dermis using trioxolane as the key tool for protein oxidation repair. Pores will shrink back in the reverse order they developed, usually outside-in.

Melasma Repair Technology U.S. Patent No 20,130,303,789 A1
Melasma can be permanently treated if the source (liver) is targeted. Inflammation at the skin level is minimally important. Trioxolane gives the body the ability to repair liver damage by providing a stable oxygen used by the immune cells to correct harm imposed by hormone imbalance (birth control pills, pregnancy after 30).

Age Spot Removal Technology U.S. Patent No 20,130,303,789 A1
Conventional wisdom says age spots are from melanocyte irregularities however our research shows it is a protective response for a non-healing wound at the DEJ. Trioxolanes and Zinc Finger technology both trigger the skin to accelerate wound healing. As a result of the completion of the wound healing process, the melanocyte no longer over-produces melanin, even with sun exposure.

Actinic Keratosis Repair Technology U.S. Patent No 8,642,655 B2, 20 ,130,303,789 A1
AK’s are non-healing wounds that have DNA damage that can lead to squamous cell carcinoma. Zinc Finger Technology plays a pivotal role in activating the skin’s DNA repair mechanisms, trioxolane addresses the oxidative damage and the combination can strengthen the skin enough that it heals itself.

Non-Acid Peel Technology (patent-pending)
While chemical peels have been a mainstay, the evidence that they create long term benefits is lacking. Osmosis’ peel technology uniquely triggers collagen production using 2% liposomal retinaldehyde combined with many other stimulants in a non-traumatic way in an attempt to generate permanent collagen instead of wound-related collagen.